Devotion of the Day

Antique sterling silver spoons.The feeling of a sillk scarf tied softly around your neck. Extra special occasions.  Acres of redbud trees. Ice. Southern Blue "fairy" penguins returning home to their South Australian rookeries by the light of the full moon.  Christian believers in Jamaica. Belly laughs with long-standing friends.  Freedom from sticky wickets. The court of appeals. The fun of splashing in a pool. The diligent. Warm apple turnovers. Shooting under par. Sharing a sunset without words. Being ahead of the count. Evil being down for the count. Concessions made out of love. Holding hands. Fellow christian believers in Nevada! Sitting on the porch swing watching the neigbourhood children at play. Carousels. 

Simply a few things we can treasure as gifts from God .....(Excerpts taken from 10,000 Things to Praise God for by Jan Dargatz)

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