Welcome to Antikipper, home to the children, youth, young adult and family ministry for the Anglican Diocese of BC

Youth and Family Ministry in the Diocese of British Columbia is currently undergoing a time of transition as we Discern our next steps of this minstry in the life of the Diocese.

"What on earth is Antikipper?" you ask.

Have you ever had the feeling that there is pressure coming from every direction?  You feel as though you started as a well rounded person but have been squished flatter and flatter-  and ended up like a kipper, flat!  "A kipper has no backbone, is flat and looks both ways at once!" wrote Gina Ingram & Jean Harris in Delivering Good Youth Work

With the outside pressures that we all face it is difficult to become and remain the well rounded person God wants us to be.  Antikipper is here to explore those pressures and provide some notes against the flow.



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